Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lattice Biscuit Slice

This is not exactly a cheesecake, however some call it that, nor is it a traditional vanilla slice - whatever you prefer to call it it's the easiest, yummiest and most indulgent slice to make and keep in the freezer ;) Yep that's right, store in the freezer if you wish and cut when required - easy peasy - and did I say yummy?!?!

1 pkt Arnots Lattice Biscuits
600ml jar thickened cream
1 pkt vanilla pudding mix

1. Line large square cake dish or slice tray with foil or glad bake (or the likes) then line with half the packet of Lattice Biscuits.

2. Combine cream and packet of pudding mix with electric beaters until light, fluffy and combined.

3. Cover biscuits with pudding mixture and top with remaining biscuits. refridgerate for at least 1 hour whilst cream mixture sets, biscuits will soften to a soft pastry texture if left overnight - yummo!!

* If you wish you can ice with butter icing and for a twist before you add the pudding mix spread the first layer of biscuits with raspberry/strawberry jam .

* Best eaten fresh, however you can freeze with good results.

* You can add a dash of lemon juice or essence to flavour pudding mix if you wish, alternately buy a different flavoured pud for a different flavour!!!

* To reduce the sugar load you can use Sao biscuits instead of lattice biscuits